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myFAX Fax Server or Online Fax Service 

If you are a buyer who is interested in a fax system for your small or medium-sized business enterprise, you have a choice to make as to whether you want to use a fax server or a fax service.

First you need to understand why you are making a fax purchase. Whether it is for faxing that your employees do every day or if you are contemplating automating an enterprise application, the decision to go with a fax server or fax service can make a difference in how much control you feel you have over your faxing operations and can also impact the costs you incur.

Using an automated fax system has the primary benefit of enabling you to better manage your fax activity.

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myFAX Fax Server
Online Fax Service

Payment Term

A one-time purchase. Once you take it you have the ownership

Rental service. Pay for monthly fee

Fax Number

Continue to use your existing fax number

You need to apply for a new virtual extension fax number from the fax service provider

Faxing Cost

Only pay for out-going faxes. By FoIP, all faxing communication will be free cost

Pay for out-going and in-coming faxes


Control over in-house fax server. Higher customization capabilities

It’s depends on the provider. Feeling of loss of control


Point-to-Point faxing. High security

Faxing through the public fax server which hold by fax service provider. Faxing security can not be guaranteed

Versatility Can connected with telephone set, one number using for faxing and telephone

Just can use for faxing

Real-time Faxing

Real-time Faxing, no delay

Faxes will be queued in public fax server and be sent out one by one

Internet Dependence

Base on local LAN

It will unable to send or receive faxes without Internet


As the fax server device is hold by your company, you can check the problems whenever you need

Need ask the fax service provider to check the problems. They may unable to solve it immediately if they are busy currently

User Number

Support 20 user account at least

Just 1 user account. You will be unable to send or check faxes if some one is using it

Online Storage

No limitation

3~6months. Need to pay for expand it

Storage Space

myFAX provides built-in storage space. By Fax2folder you can back up all faxes to specific PC folder.

All faxes will be stored in public Internet storage space which provide by the provider. Space limitation.

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