Manufacturing Applications
In today’s business environment many companies are so engrossed in cost-cutting, streamline processes and improve efficiency. At the same time they are being asked to improve customer loyalty and strengthen vendor relations. Demands for speed, security and reliability in communications turn up the pressure. That’s why using myFAX to automate the delivery of your business information makes sense.
For manufacturers, manual processing of customer order and billing documents is often the single most limiting factor in their ability to improve customer service and order-to-buy performance. In the current economic landscape, it has never been more important for manufacturers do more with less and reduce operating costs.
Prior to using myFAX, buyers need to printed, then mailed or manually faxed purchase orders from fax machine. This was a time consuming and inefficient process. Now, myFAX is a great solution. Purchase orders, releases and change orders are delivered automatically and unattended, directly from any Windows applications. Improving customer service while saving time and cutting costs.
myFAX requires no user intervention and provides immediate delivery for critical path purchases or schedule delivery during off-peak hours. And, it’s completely electronic, so there are no supply costs.
myFAX offers the benefits of automatic faxing as a service fully integrated into your company's applications.
•    20~100 users supports and you can setup extension for each user. No additional PBX device request.
•     Max. 4 fax lines support. You can setup each line for difference department.
•     Send and receive faxes by internet, no paper cost.
•     Fax directly from your desktop applications, no need to ask your employee to stand by the fax machine for faxing. Saving times.
•     Inbound faxes can be automatically distributed to specified user or department, enhance privacy and saving time to manual distribute it
•     You can broadcast a fax to all your customers for marketing or regards and no need to wait for the faxes to go through. So convenient
•     Incoming faxes can be printed out as user request. And you can specify which printer to use.
•     Free fax communication within your company. Internal faxing and internal forward between each department or user for free.
•     When you are out of the office you also can remote login myFAX wherever you are to check received faxes and send faxes.
•     No need to spend your budget on buying and maintaining a fax machine.

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