Logistics Applications

For inbound and outbound freight transportation companies, time is a valuable commodity. Being competitive means balancing efficiency and cost reduction with dependable, high-quality customer service. As any logistics company knows, it isn’t unheard of to fax dozens - if not hundreds – of dispatch sheets during any given day.
Freight and transportation companies have a variety of options when it comes to the distribution of incoming faxes. Instead of piling up at your fax machine, many offices have opted for a myFAX approach.
myFAX is such a useful application which is designed to provide help users receive and send faxes with ease. Using this myFAX Network Fax Server will bring you much convenience with high efficiency. myFAX offers organizations the convenience of reducing costs, saving time, and improving productivity by enabling users to send, receive, and manage faxes directly from desktop. Eliminate the cumbersome task of relying on fax machines or multi-function printers to send time-sensitive dispatch sheets.
•     Fax preview before send
•     Fax directly from desktops
•     Free internal fax forward
•     Fax scheduling, you can specify any time to send your faxes out.
•     Provide your staff with a much faster, easier, and less expensive way to send documents
•     Instantly fax dispatch sheets and activity logs
•     Fax routing for inbound faxes distribution
•     Receive fax by mail box
•     Check your faxes wherever you are
•     Fax can be backup automatically to specified PC or server
•     Eliminate the dependence on fax machines or multi-function printers

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