Government Applications

Government agencies are facing:
•     The need for a solution that would enable state and local governments with numerous agencies, branches, and locations to communicate more effectively in real time.
•     Issues regarding improved homeland and enterprise security.
•     The increasing mobility of government workers.
•     Message retention issues in regards to storage, compliance, and confidentiality.
•     Shrinking budgets and the desire to reduce cost while increasing workforce productivity.
•     Extensive fax processing requirements that allow the public to reach the intended individual or department and access information quickly and efficiently.
myFAX is the ideal solution. Governments can rely on myFAX to support it, critical fax solution. myFAX delivers a reliable, cost-effective solution.
•     Scales from 1, 2 and 4 ports on a single server.
•     Faxing via desktop by Windows application, improving work efficiency
•     Fax routing. Faxes distributed to specified department.
•     PBX integration
•     Fax broadcast supports. A same document can be sent to local governments simultaneously. No need to send fax one by one any more
•     Offers fax scheduling
•     Provides faxing notification.
•     HTTPS support, more secure of the government data.
•     Fax to folder automatically for backup.
•     Eliminate paper use. Protect environment.
•     Whether you're using a desktop computer or laptop, you can manage all messages from a single interface.
•     Faster faxing speed, reduce communications costs. And no need to spend budget on buying and maintaining a fax machine.

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