• What all I need to have to run a myFAX?
    Re: PSTN+ Power+LAN. Just need to plug the 3 cables in myFAX, then you can freely send and receive faxes from your desktop by myFAX.

  • Why I couldn’t login the myFAX’s web interface?
    Re: Please check the IP address of myFAX from the LED panell and make sure the connected LAN cable is in good condition as the 100M light is on.

  • Why I cannot send and receive fax?
    Re: Please check if the PSTN is working properly and is connected with the ‘Line’ port.
  • How to check faxes when I am out of the office?
    Re: Please enable the Fax2email functions under your account setting.
  • Can other users see my faxes? How to get a fax document as private?
    Re: All public faxes will be received by every user. To get a private fax you can setup the myFAX fax routing as you like.
  • What are the difference between myFAX S series and Non-S series?
    Re: The main difference is only the S series supports Super G3 as V.34 fax speed and JBIG fax compression. Other functions are the same. Also, to get the benefits of Super G3, you must communicate with another Super G3 Fax machine or compatible device. Or else the fax transmission will go through the lower speed which both of them all support.
  • How many fax ports does myFAX support?
    Re: The myFAX network fax server supports 1 /2/ 4 ports per server.
  • Can I send faxes over the Internet?
    Re: Yes. The myFAX network fax server supports more web browser for faxing over the Internet. Our system also supports fax to email.
  • How to dial an extension when faxing by myFAX?
    Re: Please put 6 commas between the fax number and extension like ‘85301102,,,,,,801’.
  • What are my options for receiving faxes?
    Re: There are many options and you can use a combination of options to support your business and workflow needs. Inbound faxes can be routed directly to user's extension number, or to your email account.
  • What are the monitoring/tracking capabilities of the myFAX?
    Re: Our software included module to monitors the progress of inbound faxes from the moment the fax arrives at the myFAX until the point when it is deposited into its internal destination, typically, a fax recipient mailbox. The service keeps a log of monitored events.
  • Can I have a trial?
    Re: Yes, you are welcome to have a free trial. Please feel free to email us to obtain the login information and password on our online demo.

  • From where can I buy this myFAX network fax server?
    Re: myFAX has many worldwide appointed distributors. Please email us your enquiry, we will get back to you with the best contacts.

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