myFAX Email2Fax (PDF 200KB)
myFAX Specification (PDF 284KB)
The Auto Attendant of Fax Reception (PDF 48KB)
Fax Servers:Top Messaging Challenges & Ways to Solve Them (PDF 488KB)
myFAX Fax2Folder (PDF 205KB)
myFAX Fax2Print (PDF 242KB)
Do You Need a Fax Server? (PDF 270KB)
PBX Integration(DID) (PDF 251KB)
myFAX Introduction (PPS 2.82MB)
Why and How Fax-Document Management Plays a Central Role (PDF 57KB)
Techniques for Inbound Fax Routing (PDF 93KB)
Fax Purchasing Decision:Fax Server or Fax Service? (PDF 130KB)
Adding a Fax Server to the ShoreTel System (PDF 1.30MB)
Save Time and Money with Integrated Network Faxing (PDF 216KB)
How Many Phone Lines Does Your Fax Server Need? (PDF 68KB)

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